• What every patient should know:

    Please note that prices are for private, as well as extended health care patients. We also accept WSIB and motor vehicle accident patients.

    Although our services are all available without a physician’s prescription, your Health Benefit Plan may require a physician’s prescription for certain services to be covered.

Service Rates

Chiropractic Services

Initial Chiropractic Visit


Subsequent Chiropractic Visit (Including Acupuncture)


Subsequent Chiropractic Visit (Short)




Custom Foot Orthotics

Including Assessment – $495

Support Bracing & Shoes

Pricing varies by product


Physiotherapy Services

Initial Physiotherapy Visit


Subsequent Physiotherapy Treatment


Massage Services (HST Included)

Your Health Benefit Plans may require a physician’s prescription for treatment coverage.

Massage 30 minutes

Massage 45 minutes

Massage 60 minutes

Massage 75 minutes

Massage 90 minutes



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