Massage Therapy – Registered Massage Therapists at Davisville Active Therapy

Massage Therapy plays an important role both as:

  • Effective treatment approach to pain management, trauma and injuries
  • A complement to Chiropractic / Physiotherapy in the rehabilitation process

Deep Tissue (Sports) Massage

An intense therapy applied to address severe tension in muscle and connective tissue. Often recommended for athletes and people involved in heavy physical activity. Deep Tissue Massage is also referred to as Sports Massage.

Rehabilitative Massage

Focuses on musculoskeletal conditions based on orthopedic findings and is frequently suggested, in conjunction with physical therapy, to accelerate recovery from injury.

Swedish Massage

Long flowing strokes – in a variety of applications – glide, knead and vibrate soft tissue to help reduce pain and joint stiffness.

Trigger Point Therapy

Applied to deactivate trigger sites or muscle knots that may contribute to local pain or referred pain. Treatment is applied to specific points / sites, to relieve soreness in the muscle and connective tissue.

Computer-Desk-Syndrome Massage

Specifically targets musculoskeletal problems and pain creating severe muscle strain as a result of lengthy hours at a computer.

Massage Therapy Rates

Your Health Benefit plan may require a physician’s prescription for massage therapy to be covered.

Massage 30 minutes: $78 (HST Included)

Massage 45 minutes: $105 (HST Included)

Massage 60 minutes: $125 (HST Included)

Massage 75 minutes: $158 (HST Included)

Massage 90 minutes: $185 (HST Included)

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