Sports Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation

The focus of sports injury rehab is getting athletes back into action.

Lauren conducts a one-hour evaluation of each patient to assess the injury, current mobility and strength – and to establish performance goals.

In some cases, before therapeutic exercise can begin, patients may require manual therapy to alleviate pain from injury – or surgery.

During this phase, Lauren uses a combination of modalities, manual therapy and soft tissue techniques until the patient can confidently begin a customized, Sport-Specific exercise program.  Stretching and strengthening exercises are used to allow patients to reach and exceed previous levels of athletic performance. Pain relief is used as needed.

During the final phase, High-Level training and Injury Prevention, therapeutic exercise progresses to a degree that supports high-performance sports. The patient is taught techniques to:

  • Speed muscle recovery
  • Maximize athletic performance

Finally, Lauren develops a preventive exercise program to help patients maintain a pain-free lifestyle and prevent further injury.

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