DAT Service Rates
  • What every patient should know:

    Please note that prices are for private, as well as extended health care patients. We also accept WSIB and motor vehicle accident patients.

    Although our services are all available without a physician’s prescription, your Health Benefit Plan may require a physician’s prescription for certain services to be covered.

Davisville Active Therapy Service Rates

Chiropractic Services

Initial Chiropractic Visit


Regular Subsequent Chiropractic Visit


Comprehensive Chiropractic Visit



Medical Acupuncture

Subsequent Visit




Custom Foot Orthotics

Including Assessment – $485

Support Bracing & Shoes

Pricing varies by product


Physiotherapy Services

Initial Physiotherapy Visit


Subsequent Physiotherapy Treatment


Massage Services (HST Included)

Your Health Benefit Plans may require a physician’s prescription for treatment coverage.

Massage 30 minutes

Massage 45 minutes

Massage 60 minutes

Massage 75 minutes

Massage 90 minutes



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